There are 2 types of AMC (Comprehensive & Non Comprehensive) we take both as per your requirement…

In any transaction where a seller sells equipment or products to a buyer for which periodic servicing or maintenance is required for its proper functioning, it is advisable to enter into an agreement between both parties on the terms of servicing of that equipment or product. These agreements, commonly referred to as an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), are essential to formalizing this process.

Customers appreciate AMCs because they protect their investments in products and services, ensure against unplanned downtime, and guarantee that they will always have a service professional within arm’s reach. As a service provider, AMCs help you plan what your years’ service schedule will look like, estimate how many techs you need, and ensure that you build positive, long-term relationships with a loyal customer base.

Benefits of an Annual Maintenance Contract :

1. Saves money and simplifies budgeting

2. Maximizes the performance of your systems

3. Concentrate on other things and delegate maintenance to professionals

4. Professional technicians at your service

5. When you need it, you’ll get it

6. Additional services

7. Replacement vs Repair