A security camera system that keeps a watchful eye for you

One of the first questions law enforcement is likely to ask you if your office / home has been targeted is, “Do you have a video surveillance office / home security camera system?”, “is your society premises under surveillance”? Make sure your answer is “yes” with our office / home surveillance systems. Reinforcing the safety of your office / home / society is a crucial step towards keeping you and your loved ones safe, especially when you're away. You should choose a security camera system to help determine the crime and provide that extra layer of security for your peace of mind. Our security cameras systems help ensure that when criminals find their way in, our video surveillance can help capture them in the act.

Types of cameras we provide

1. Analog high definition night vision.

2. Network /IP in megapixels with very high clarity and night vision.

3. Wireless with very high clarity and night vision.

4. PTZ very high clarity and night vision and can be manually controlled.

5. In lift camera.